Here is a new batch of spy shots showing how the next generation Rolls-Royce Phantom withstands the forces of winter. Now with less camouflage we get a better impression of what the Phantom successor will look like.

The outgoing model has been at the top of the luxury segment for a good 12 years now, so it’s well overdue for a thorough update. In terms of design the new flagship of Rolls-Royce clearly went down the evolutionary path instead of the revolutionary one. The changes are mostly in the details, such as the fresh looking tailpipes, now visible for the first time.

Those who know all the ins and outs of the outgoing Phantom will notice that the sideview mirrors have slightly changed as well. The revolutionary part of its design is reserved for the architecture underpinning the luxury coach. The new modular platform mainly consists of lightweight aluminum, while Rolls-Royce is able to further bring down the car’s weight by tapping into BMW Group’s vast expertise in carbon fiber.

As we mentioned before, it’s likely that Rolls-Royce won’t bring back the coupĂ© and convertible models for the next generation because they haven’t been strong sellers. That leaves us with the traditional short- and long-wheelbase models. However, the big V12 engine remains in place. Rolls-Royce has no plans of downsizing anytime soon, although a plug-in hybrid drivetrain might be on the cards once the Phantom successor has established itself in the market.

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