The next generation Mercedes-Benz CLS was recently spotted undergoing cold-weather testing in the North of Scandinavia. The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS is scheduled to launch mid-summer 2018.

Recently rumors were going around that the new generation CLS would be badged ‘CLE’ because of its expected E-Class roots. On the contrary however, Mercedes-Benz have just confirmed that there will no name change for their Panamera rivaling coupé.

In line with recent design trends, we expect no massive redesign. From what we can see on the photos the most obvious change will be the CLS’ characteristic lights. At the front the lights will be straightened out and boast similar looks to those of the current C-Class. At the rear new horizontal taillights will replace the diagonal lights.

Most importantly the CLS will maintain its intriguing coupé shape, although it looks like its ‘hip’ will be slightly less pronounced. The rear end stands slightly taller and is characterized by less overhang.

As expected Mercedes-Benz’ brand new generation of petrol and diesel engines will replace the old generation that currently power the Mercedes-Benz CLS. That means a host of new in-line sixes and more efficient four-cylinder engines to choose from. The elegant digital cockpit home to the E-Class is expected to freshen up the CLS’ dashboard as well.

You may remember that Mercedes-Benz introduced the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake back in 2012 in an attempt to lure more potential customers toward the premium coupé segment. However, the Shooting Brake hasn’t exactly been the best seller the German automaker from Stuttgart hoped for, so for now a Shooting Brake version of the new generation CLS is definitely not in the pipeline.

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