Mansory have developed a package for the brand new Porsche Panamera. It debuts at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 together with a host of other Mansory machines which make for a huge display! We took a closer look at what Mansory have changed.

Kourosh Mansory’s company are well know for their specialist tuning packages. The complete carbon fibre aerodynamic package is complete with Candy Red paintwork. It isn’t quite as dramatic as other Mansory projects on display at the Geneva Motor Show but it certainly does not blend into a crowd!

The Mansory Porsche Panamera includes a Y5/1 lightweight metal rim measuring 10×22 inches at the front and 11×22 inches at the rear. The tyres measure 295 and 335 millimetres respectively. Power is boosted by 35 hp and 40 Nm of torque thanks to an optimised ECU, sports air filter and a high-performance exhaust system.

Geneva Motor Show 2017 GTspirit

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