Here it is, Mercedes-AMG finally took the wraps off their long-awaited Mercedes-AMG GT Concept vehicle at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. As part of the performance company’s 50th anniversary the four-door AMG GT Concept shows the brand’s path to the future.

Showcar Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

The concept marks the beginning of the brand’s third autonomously built series after the SLS AMG and current generation AMG GT. The new generation AMG GT is expected to grow in terms of body styles as this particular concept car suggests, and will gain a further increased performance edge with the help of hybridization.

As a testament to the future plans of Mercedes-AMG the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept show car packs a V8 petrol engine and high performance electric motor. The hybrid powertrain is intelligently networked with a modular battery concept comprising of very powerful yet light batteries. The result is a combined output of roughly 800 horsepower (600 kW), good for a 0-100 km/h sprint in under three seconds.

In addition to the increased performance and hybrid powertrain, the four-door dynamic fastback is far more suitable for everyday use. Despite its performance edge it accommodates four passengers and provides plenty of space for luggage thanks to a variable interior and separate luggage compartment.

Looking at the concept car’s design its muscular proportions certainly impress. The long and deeply drawn bonnet clearly shows how it is related to the original Mercedes-AMG GT. Mercedes’ chief of design Gordon Wagener adds: “Through perfect proportions it creates a puristic design with the emphasis on its surfaces, featuring sensuous shapes and is hot and cool at the same time.”

We couldn’t help but notice some of the similarities between this concept car and the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 which was revealed at Pebble Beach last year. Although the latter mixes design language of the past and future, its striking long bonnet and raking windshield are in some way similar to what we are looking at today. Not to mention the similarly shaped wheels and short overhang at the rear.

And what is a Mercedes-AMG concept car without the hallmark Panamericana grille? The grille with vertical ribs painted red on the sides and bearing the Mercedes-Benz star gives the Mercedes-AMG GT the aggressive appearance we have come to expect from the series. Diving into the specific design features we learn that they are also highly functional. Take for instance the moving radiator shutters in the center and side air intakes, which improve the aerodynamic and thermal efficiency through the AMG GT-R inspired AIRPANEL system.

The car’s lights are a technological highlight by itself. The daytime running lights and taillights shine as bright as ever thanks to pioneering “nano active fiber technology.” The amount of detail that went into designing for instance the car’s headlights becomes evident through their three-dimensional multilayered design and golden sail-shaped badge.

The rear of the concept car is designed in traditional AMG GT fashion starting with the long and slim horizontal taillights. Also notice the wide carbon fiber rear diffuser with centrally incorporated tailpipe, slightly hinting at the design of the existing GT-R.

The flanks of the AMG GT Concept draw attention to the large dual-tone wheels behind which the AMG ceramic high-performance compound brakes are visible. Effectively replacing conventional sideview mirrors are miniature cameras that improve the car’s aerodynamics.

Under the car’s skin the AMG impresses with the 4MATIC+ AWD system supported by the electric motor. Torque distribution is settled per wheel through a completely variable system and ensures maximum traction and performance. The concept car is the first to be badged “EQ Power+” after the current Formula 1 car, clearly hinting at the future presence of Formula 1 hybrid technology.

Showcar Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

Going into detail on the scalable battery that forms the basis of the concept car’s drivetrain, it is said to be more powerful than conventional hybrid batteries. More importantly, it is also far more compact and weighs significantly less. The modular battery is scalable upwards so it can be adjusted to different requirements across the entire Mercedes-Benz range in the near future.

The battery will recuperate energy while braking and when purely running the car’s combustion engine. Additionally it is linked to three operating modes that can be preselected via the elective drive unit. The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept either drives fully electric, only with the combustion engine, or it engages both powertrain components as a hybrid.

Considering this is just a first taste, we are excited what the future of the Mercedes-AMG GT beholds. With the recent unveiling of the immensely powerful Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid we are just waiting for a worthy opponent from Mercedes-AMG. The performance brand from Affalterbach is just getting started on its exciting 50th anniversary year, so mark the dates of the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year in your agenda because that is when Mercedes-AMG will unveil their hypercar concept.

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