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Detroit 2017: Mercedes-AMG GT Facelift

The Mercedes-AMG GT range receives a pretty comprehensive refresh here at the Detroit Motor Show 2017. Mercedes-AMG have sought to consolidate the range following the release of the AMG GT C Coupe. We took a closer look at the updated range here at the Detroit Motor Show!

The entry level AMG GT now puts out an extra 14 hp, up to 476 hp with an extra 30 Nm of torque (total 630 Nm). The yet-to-be launched GT Roadster will also receive the same statistics. The GT S also grows by 12 hp up to 522 hp with an additional 20 Nm to 670 Nm. The next level, and the new model, is the C variants of the Coupé and Roadster with 557 hp and 680 Nm peak torque. The top of the line AMG GT R retains its 585 hp and 700 Nm rating.

All AMG GT models get a new AMG Panamericana grille. 15 chrome-plated, vertical bars characterise the front end, taking looks directly from the latest Mercedes-AMG GT3 customer sport racing car. Some also get the option of rear wheel steering!

New options are also available for the AMG GT and AMG GT S. New equipment packages include the AMG Exterior Chrome package with trim in high-gloss chrome and the AMG Dynamic Plus package, which is now also available for the AMG GT. The AMG Interior Night packages also available, as is the AMG Exterior Carbon Fibre package.

Mercedes-AMG GT S (9)

For more on the Mercedes-AMG GT Facelift, take a look at our earlier article. For more from the Detroit Motor Show, take a look at our dedicated news channel.



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