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Top 9 Best Car Racing Games in 2017

2016 has so far seen the release and reveal of several highly anticipated car racing games from big gaming franchises. Time for us now to list the best ones to expect in 2017, we will also include some fairly new games released this year and whose first year sales will be counted within the next year.

The list combines both sim-racing games and arcade racing video games. We ranked our top 10 based on graphics, gameplay, mods and choice of race modes, global sales, tracks and cars. For unreleased titles, we have ranked them based on early access stats as well as comparison with their preceding titles. Don’t hesitate to post your comments below!

NB: Order is subject to change soon as all titles are released.

8. Need for Speed 2017

Normally the NFS franchise releases its games on an annual basis, but developers Ghost Games announced that the next title will not be due until 2017. Dubbed Need for Speed 2017 for now, an official name has not yet been set. EA has been quiet about their current games under development and even missed to make any major announcements during EA Play 2016 conference. More info about Need for Speed 2017 will follow soon as official details emerge.

Developer: Ghost Games
Publisher: EA
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer


  1. Wow. I thought GT was discontinued. Polyphony Digital is going to surprise us again. Now I’m going to buy a PS4. I just hope that it won’t be a boring game like some of it’s previous versions.

  2. I like the game the crew it is really fun and challenging there is a large variety of cars and terrians in my opinion the crew is the best

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