Each year, Ferrari holds its annual ‘Cavalcade’ event, which sees Ferrari owners and collectors descend upon Italy to drive some of the country’s most amazing roads in their supercars.

The Cavalcade is supposed to a fun celebration of all things Ferrari, but things went sour for a couple of LaFerrari owners during the event today.

A black LaFerrari was rear ended by a red LaFerrari during the Cavalcade after the driver of the red car sneezed, according to an Instagram post by the owner of the black car. The owner also said the driver of the red LaFerrari actually hit him twice before stepping out of his car and rubbing the damage with his foot.

Ferrari LaFerrari Crashes into Parking Lot at Ferrari Cavalcade 2016

Another LaFerrari sporting a unique black and red paint scheme suffered much more severe damage after swerving off the road and hitting a restaurant sign. It’s not clear how this accident happened, though it’s easy to lose the rear of a near-1,000 horsepower supercar. The crash also saw the LaFerrari hit with the rear of a Lancia Epsilon that was parked near the sign.

Drive safe out there, Cavalcade participants!

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