Automakers have a reputation for building full-size versions of their cars out of Lego.

In the past we have seen a full-size Lego 911 RSR at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and a full-size Ferrari F1 car at the Australian Grand Prix.

Now, it seems as though Porsche (or a hard working enthusiast) has created another full size replica 911. This time, the model is the 911 GT3 RS finished in a beautiful shade of orange.

The car was spotted on display at the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm, Sweden by our reader Rani Patrous.

Not much information is available regarding the recreation. We do know, however, that Lego and Porsche will be releasing a Lego Technic set for the GT3 RS this year, so it could possibly be a tie-in with that.

Nevertheless, the detail put into the model is stunning. The car is just about as accurate as you can get using Lego.

Check out the gallery for yourself!

Thank you to Rani Patrous for providing us with awesome gallery!

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  1. Always fantastic seeing the full size lego replicas. Lots of hard work and devotion right there.

    … makes me shudder thinking about all that intricate dusting to be done. LoL

  2. Sigh. You could have done about five seconds of research before posting this. It’s not even close to the maximum accuracy of LEGO bricks, since it’s replicating the set that just came out.


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