Donald Trump “Trumpventador” Lamborghini Aventador

This Lamborghini owner surely makes no surprise of who he will be voting for during this year’s American presidential elections. Other than keeping his vote to himself, he turned his Lamborghini Aventador into a true ‘Trumpventador’ for the upcoming 2016 goldRUSH Rally.

Donald Trump Lamborghini Aventador (10)

The interesting wrap was done by Superior Automotive Design from Florida and features a mug shot of Donald Trump on the hood, his well-known slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ all around the supercar, and of course the American flag could not be left out either.

The wrap was APA printed and surely counts for one of the most interesting and eccentric wraps we have ever seen on the famous goldRUSH rally. What do you think about this ‘MURICA-approved Lamborghini ‘Trumpventador’?


  1. This lamborghini is suppose to be at my apartments because the federal government asked me do i want his lamborghini and i said yes because i wanted it i live in Stanley north Carolina 812 apartment b 28164 or yall can park it at Stanley police department my name is jeffrey Clark


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