A local man in Essex purchased a brand new McLaren 650S last week, and decided to celebrate by popping a bottle of champagne while it was being delivered to his driveway. It’s not clear just how much champagne he had, but he was about to be drinking the rest for all the wrong reasons.

It’s not entirely clear if he was the one driving, but somehow his car didn’t even survive the first 10 minutes of his ownership. The driver lost control at an unknown speed and veered off the road directly into a tree, completely smashing the front end and costing several thousands of dollars. The rear of the car was also damaged after hitting a sign post.



What’s just as bad is that the owner appears to be missing. Nobody was hurt, but nobody seems to know who was actually driving at the time. Essex police are currently asking for witnesses to come forward and help them figure out who was behind the wheel.

Check out a few more pictures of the crash here:


So just how much does this all cost? According to G Dallas Horton, the average auto accident costs $15,443. Of course, the average person isn’t driving a McLaren supercar. The McLaren 650S starts at a whopping, $265,500… more than a quarter of a million dollars. Let’s hope the driver had better insurance than driving skills and luck.

The McLaren 650S has a V8 engine, and can reach 100 mph in just 5.7 seconds. That’s the time it would take an average sedan to reach 30pmh. It can get up to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. As for the top speed, it can reach a blistering 204 mph. Unfortunately, this car never got to reach its potential, and possibly never even made it into triple digits, both in miles per hour and miles on the odometer.

This is the second time that a brand new McLaren has crashed their 650S. A car salesman had to save the life of a stockbroker after a crash in Cheshire shortly after purchase. In similar fashion, this customer also lost control and plowed directly into a tree. His car looked much worse.

lThankfully there were no deaths in either case, and we can laugh at the bad luck while mourning the loss of such great cars. If you ever find yourself purchasing a brand new McLaren, or any supercar… please make sure you know how to drive it first.




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