One of the first McLaren P1 GTRs to be converted for normal road use has arrived in Monaco. The road legal orange P1 GTR was allegedly not the only P1 GTR to arrive in Monaco that day. We don’t have photos but rumors are a blue P1 GTR was spotted being unloaded from a truck as well. As of now, a total of 4 road legal P1 GTRs have been delivered.

It comes as no surprise that Monaco is home to one of the first road legal P1 GTR (‘s), living up to its status of being a true supercar city and state. It’s Lanzante Motorsports that is responsible for converting the P1 track tools to road legal hypercars. McLaren MSO said that the P1 GTR’s still to be produced remain for track-use only, despite there being an obvious demand for road legal GTR’s.

The McLaren P1 GTR is the first McLaren to carry the GTR badge after the legendary Le Mans winning McLaren F1 GTR. With 986 bhp, it is significantly more powerful than the already impressive McLaren P1. The race version of the P1 includes an ERS push-to-pass system and a range of other track-oriented functions. After completing production of the 375-unit P1, McLaren MSO started with the production of the P1 GTR, the ultimate track tool only available to McLaren P1 customers.

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  1. Hi guys. To correct the fact. There are already 2 P1 GTR road legal that’s already registered and running in Dubai streets. Picture ads available of them ;)


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