A new report has emerged suggesting that Spyker will receive an all-electric SUV by the end of 2017.

First reported by AutoCar, the report says that Spyker will use their 2006 D12 Peking-to-Paris concept car as the base for the new all-electric SUV. Spyker already has plans to release a traditional petrol-powered SUV as this years Los Angeles Auto Show. This new all-electric SUV will share the same platform as that car, albeit without the petrol engine.

Spyker CEO Victor Muller said that he would prefer to not offer a hybrid powertrain, citing the packaging and heat management issues of performance hybrids such as the BMW i8.

Muller also suggested that he would not like to use lithium ion batteries in his new SUV. He did not elaborate on which kind of batteries he would use instead, but we suspect Spyker’s partner Volta Volare will offer a solution.

“I’m all with Tesla and the full-electric approach, but I still don’t think lithium ion batteries are cost-effective,” Muller said. “This type of battery has one major disadvantage that will not go away: degradation.”

It is expected that Spyker’s all-electric SUV will be released sometime in 2017 after the release of its petrol-powered sibling.

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