An orange Lamborghini Huracan crashed in Vietnam last week after the driver lost control of the supercar and smashed it into the road railing. The accident occurred on the Ho Chi Minh City–Long Thanh–Dau Giay Expressway at around 10 am and chances are that the driver was speeding.

Looking at the damage, especially at the front of the Huracan, it’s safe to conclude that the supercar will be spending a lot time at the repair shop. That being said, local reports state that there were no injuries but it is uncertain how many passengers were in the car when the incident happened.

A Huracan costs around VND 14 billion in Vietnam, translating to nearly $630,000. Apparently, there are less than ten models of the vehicle in Vietnam, making it quite a rare commodity in the Asian country.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time in recent months we are hearing about a supercar accident in Vietnam. As you may remember, in September 2015, an 18-year-old crashed a blue BMW i8 and the images went viral on the internet even though the damage wasn’t that much.

[Photos via Trang Trần]

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