Lexus has no intentions of building a successor to the LFA any time soon.

That is the official word according to Lexus Europe boss Alain Uyttenhoven. Lexus is currently focusing on building more affordable, attainable performance cars and not necessarily focusing on flagship cars like the LFA.

“It is possible that we will one day create another supercar, but in my view a super-high-end machine is not what we need right now,” Uyttenhoven said.

One of the reasons that Lexus is not pursuing a new flagship vehicle is due to the fact that cars such as the LFA rarely get seen on the road. According to Uyttenhoven, Lexus is entering more emotional territory and wants their cars to be seen on the road. One of the lessons learned from selling the LFA is that customers don’t buy cars based purely on rational thought, they also buy based on emotion. That is the lesson Uyttenhoven wants to take into future Lexus vehicles.

Uyttenhoven didn’t rule out a LFA successor in the future, however. “For the future, who knows? I’m not saying we won’t do another LFA. I just don’t know. But I am certain that we will surprise you in the future with the cars we have planned,” he said.

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