If you’re an automotive enthusiast in the housing market, chances are you look very closely at a property’s garage as a deciding factor on whether or not to take the plunge and sign the mortgage. In an effort to show the world just how beautifully a house can combine living with garage spaces, Canadian design company Only Victories has unveiled its ‘House on The Hill’.

The house is situated on a hill overlooking the ocean and spread over two levels with two main living areas. Because of the hill the property resides on, it isn’t a traditional two-storey house with it essentially two one-storey houses mated together at the centre. The only actual two-storey part of the house is the garage which means one car is displayed perfectly in a glass box for one section of the house the second floor of the garage supports another vehicle.

Inside, the house has been inspired by Scandinavian architecture with dark wooden floors, walls and ceilings. Floor to ceiling windows make the most of the views with the minimalistic design also providing the perfect canvas for the owner’s cars to be enjoyed.

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