It has been confirmed that the next-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class will make its world debut at the Detroit Motor Show 2016 in early January. Set to borrow a number of technologies from the class-leading S-Class, the new E-Class is shaping up to be the more advanced model in the mid-size premium sedan market.

Visually, the new E-Class will look very similar to the existing C-Class and S-Class models. Consequently, it will make use of a similar grille as well as headlights reminiscent from its sedan brethren and a selection of other current Mercedes-Benz E-Class models.

Underpinning the new E-Class will be the same MRA platform as the C-Class. Thanks to the new underpinnings alone, the 2016 E-Class is expected to weigh about 100 kg less than the outgoing model.

Elsewhere, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class will mark the German firm’s return to inline-six cylinder engines in favour of V6s (excluding the aforementioned V6 hybrid model). The inline-sixers will be offered in petrol and diesel forms with the first pinned to be a 2.9-litre diesel engine delivering 313 hp when combined with two turbochargers. An additional version of this engine will be offered with four turbochargers two of which will be electrically-driven units to improve efficiency.

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  1. Tell me What Exactly is the difference in styling of this car with the C-Class ???

    What the hell is wrong with Mercedes-Benz ???!!! suddenly they woke up in a morning and thought they are actually Aston martin , and now they all of their cars are exactly the same ! don’t they think that people might want some variety ? , don’t they think that a manufacturer that produces more than 10 fundamentally different types of cars must have Variety and distinction in their designing trends ???

    and what the F*** is this new kind of design they’ve come up with ? it started with the new CLS it was called F800 as a concept , and it’s just too reserved insensitive , too fancy and gaudy and , and very fat looking

    it’s look as if a Swiss watch designer have designed it !!!


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