At the ongoing Dubai International Auto Show 2015, Aston Martin has shown off the onboard air jacks of the potent Vulcan in action for the very first time.

The British marque put on a show for spectators which saw its team perform a quick pitstop under the city lights. The video shows that for the air jacks to be engaged, an engineer simply has to connect a high-pressure air hose to the rear bumper of the track-only hypercar. The Vulcan’s hybrid rival, the McLaren P1 GTR, also has a similar in-built air jack system.

The engine of the Vulcan is derived from Aston Martin’s GT3 car and has been built in conjuction with Aston Martin Racing. It is a 7.0-litre, naturally aspirated V12 motor that is capable of producing in excess of 800 hp (600 kW). The engine of the Vulcan is located behind the front axle. This improves the weight distribution and handling.

The exhaust system of the Vulcan is made from Inconel and titanium for the maximum amount of weight reduction. Moreover, the torque tube is 30 per cent lighter owing to the use of magnesium for the outer casing.

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