While seeing supercars spitting flames is cool, it isn’t healthy for these exclusive and incredible expensive engines. Worringly, footage has just been posted online of a Lamborghini Aventador not only spitting flames but also belching out more sparks than an industrial-sized angle grinder.

It’s unclear where this video was filmed but quite clearly, the cheering crowds had no idea that this is very, very bad for the Italian exotic. While it’s impossible to say just what is causing the sparks in this case, it’s likely one of three reasons.


Firstly, albeit unlikely, there’s a chance the owner has added something to the exhaust which burns as the exhaust gasses pass through. More likely however, the sparks you are seeing spewing out of the exhaust are tiny metal fragments from the engine internals including the piston rings. Additional sparks could have also been created from tiny pieces of the exhaust itself if it’s a low quality aftermarket system.

Chances are, the owner could shortly be in for some very expensive repairs!

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