A unique Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R has been totalled after crashing into a river in the United States.

According to reports, the modified Japanese sports car was being driven by a mechanic at the time of the accident and is said to have been street racing. While the subsequent series of events aren’t known, the damage sustained to this bespoke GT-R is evident.

It appears as though it skidded out of control, mounted the curb and crossed the pavement before plummeting down into the river backwards. The river was deep enough for the entirety of the GT-R to be submerged before rescue crews managed to pull it out.

Visually, serious bodywork damage has been sustained. The front bumper for example, has been ripped off while the rear bumper has also been wrecked. It seems inevitable that some serious damage has been suffered to the undertray of the GT-R.

Of course, it is the water damage which is the real killer here. While it isn’t known just how long the GT-R was submerged, it’s likely to have made the car completely unrepairable with serious damage inevitably caused to the powertrain and the interior.

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