Video: Living With a Koenigsegg Agera R Isn’t Easy!

While supercars are becoming more and more appropriate for daily driving thanks largely to developments with suspension technologies, there remain a handful of hypercars which certainly haven’t been designed for the daily grind in mind. One of them is certainly the Koenigsegg Agera R.

In Monaco recently, one Agera R owner was filmed cruising the streets in his unique cream-coloured Agera R. What makes this clip interesting is that the owner was putting the car through its paces as a daily driver along some of the world’s most recognisable roads.

Hilariously, we can see that the owner has shoved a suitcase in upside down onto the passenger seat probably because it’s the only car he has in the city. What’s more, he even placed a pizza on the dashboard due to the limited interior space of the Swedish hypercar.

While the Agera R certainly isn’t the most practical car to drive everyday, doing so would certainly be quite an incredible experience!


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