It has emerged that an even more powerful variant of the impressive British Zenos E10 sports car is in the works.

As it stands, the E10 range includes the standard E10 model with 200 hp on tap thanks to its 2.0-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. In existing range-topping E10S guise, that figure is increased to 250 hp but according to the company’s boss Mark Edwards, the chassis of the track-focused sports car is capable of coping with additional power.

Autocar reports that the team at Zenos is considering using the revised 2.3-litre EcoBoost found in the 2016 Ford Focus RS and recently confirmed to pump out 350 hp. Importantly, this larger EcoBoost reportedly fits in the E10 which makes it a viable option for the niche automaker.

If the new Focus RS’s engine is indeed used, it will ensure that the upgraded Zenos E10 variant will have over 500 hp per tonne meaning it’ll be able to match some seriously impressive other track cars and more expensive supercars.

Alongside the new engine, this new hardcore Zenos model is likely to receive a selection of other upgrades. These could included uprated brakes as well as a revised transmission to cope with the additional power.

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