Video: Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Aventador Is Batman’s Dream

    Underground Racing is responsible for building the world’s fastest Lamborghinis, chiefly in the form of twin-turbocharged Gallardo models. However, the American marque also offers twin-turbo kits for other Lamborghini models, the Huracan and Aventador. While twin-turbo packages haven’t proved as popular for the Aventador as they have the Gallardo, they are arguably even more insane and most recently, one was produced for former NFL player Ryan Fowler.

    Painted in Nero Nemesis (matte black), the car has been outfitted with the Stage 1 Aventador Twin Turbo System which sees power rise to 1000 hp at the wheels. Alongside the two turbochargers, the package also includes the fitment of billet connecting rods and CP race pistons. Additionally, a new clutch has been installed alongside a billet flywheel, billet axles and billet front and rear differentials.

    Other modifications include the M1 ECU from MoTeC as well as a plug and play ECU harness courtesy of John Reed Racing. While twin-turbo Gallardos sound truly ferocious, they cannot dream of matching the V12 howl of this Aventador when assisted with two high-boost turbos. The sound is absolutely incredible and certainly makes Fowler the owner of one of the world’s craziest Aventadors.

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