Automotive News has learnt that the launch of the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV has been delayed by six months and instead of hitting the market late this year, will instead arrive in mid-2016.

It is reported that the Italian marque is delaying the model’s launch to perform some tweaks to both its safety and ride characteristics. It also seems apparent that the respective launches of lesser Giulia models will also be pushed back by a few months. Additionally, it is claimed that the company’s very first SUV will arrive nine months later than expected, sometime in early 2017.

Alfa Romeo’s decision to delay the launches of these two cars comes after the marque’s chief executive Sergio Marchionne announced that Alfa Romeo is re-evaluating its global expansion and goal of reaching 400,000 annual sales by 2018. At this stage, analysts suggest that by 2018, Alfa Romeo may only be producing 230,000 cars annually.

Of those, IHA Automotive claims that about 50,000 sales will be made up of Giulia models and a further 23,000 from the Giulia-based SUV.

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