In an industry where automakers are slowly but surely phasing out manual transmissions, Aston Martin has revealed that it will continue to offer selection future models with traditional stick shifts.

During Jay Leno’s recent test drive of the Aston Martin DB10 from James Bond’s Spectre, the British marque confirmed that manual gearboxes will remain a part of its AMG-powered and forced-induction future.

At this stage, it remains unclear which next-generation Aston Martin models will be available with manual ‘boxes. Nevertheless, we do know that the company’s upcoming DB11, the successor to the DB9 and the first next-gen Aston Martin, will be extensively overhauled over its predecessor and make use of an improved engine.

Powertrain wise, reports suggest that the Aston Martin DB11 will be offered with a revised variant of the V12 already offered for the DB9. The key point of difference between the new engine and the current unit is that it will be fitted with a turbocharger while the displacement will also be reduced. Despite the engine’s smaller size, the use of forced induction will ensure it provides more than 517 hp and 458 lb-ft of torque like the existing model.

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