BMW is currently in the midst of developing its very first fuel cell vehicle tipped to take the form of a large sedan and arrive on the market sometime after 2020.

BMW is currently in a partnership with Toyota to develop hydrogen technologies and is working on a new system whereby hydrogen is compressed at exceptionally low temperatures to help increase its storage volume. Whereas Toyota’s current Mirai fuel cell car has a range of 700 km, the future BMW model’s range will be even further.

While speaking with Reuters at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, the head of fuel cell development at BMW Merten Jung said “It will be sometime after 2020. We don’t have a model yet, but … as the character of our technology favours larger cars, our model will probably be something like a long distance car, a larger sedan.”

Importantly, Jung said that in all likelihood, BMW won’t produce its hydrogen vehicle alongside Toyota due to the dramatically different audiences which the two company’s target their vehicles towards.

“As we have two different opinions as companies when it comes to products on the market, we probably won’t have the same car on the market. At a certain point there needs to be a difference between Toyota and BMW, and where things need to be separate, but until that point, anything is possible.”

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