Automobile Magazine has revealed that the new Maserati Alfieri sports car will be delayed until 2018 in coupe guise while the Alfieri convertible won’t arrive until 2019 or early 2020. This comes despite the fact that the automaker was originally planning on launch the Alfieri coupe and convertible models in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Although no reason for the delay has been given, it is inevitably due to Maserati’s falling sales and deliveries figures. While Maserati had originally intended to be producing 75,000 cars annually by 2018, that goal seems unachievable now after decreasing sales this year. Interestingly, Maserati had hoped to sell 50,000 cars this year alone but earlier this month, it was revealed that in November, the Maserati Grugliasco factory in Italy will be closed for a full week due to poor sales.

This year however, Maserati’s sales figures have begun to fall and last month, they were 34 per cent less than September 2014. In February this year, they also plummeted by 43 per cent compared to February the year prior.

When the Maserati Alfieri does arrive, it will sit alongside the next-generation GranTurismo in the company’s line-up and offer a more performance focused driving experience. Helping to ensure that is the case will be the Alfieri’s slim overall weight compared to the GranTurismo. The lower weight will be achieved thanks to the car’s smaller size as well as its heavy used of lightweight materials.

Power for the Maserati Alfieri is likely to come from the twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder currently available in the Ghibli. In base specification, that engine could be tuned to put out about 410 hp while the range-topping Alfieri could deliver upwards of 520 hp with the same powerplant.

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  1. I don’t understand. If the production on the ghibli and the others is slowed due to lack of demand then there should be more capacity to produce the Alfieri. I believe that the Alfieri could be a much larger production and the savior of Maserati than the Levante or any other vehicle. I have run through all the available and upcoming sorts cars and sports sedans. I have owned a bmw m5, I loved the car but the style is boring. I have owned a miata but it is way underpowered. The corvette z06 is a great performer and would almost entice back since I owned my 1966 vette, loved that car too. The ferraris, lamborginis , etc. super cars are too expensive. The alfieri concept is the most beautiful staying out there and it has been rewarded. I find surprisingly that style trumps performance for me as long as performance is not deficient. The alfieri beats the jaguar xf in style and I would expect performance. I considered a mustang 350r, the corvette, a 2017 600 plus hp camaro convertible. The styling of those three does not match the alfieri. I considered the upcoming alfa romeo guilia which is not a great stylistically as tHe alfieri, would be my second choice. Upcoming cars that I would consider if maserati delays the alfieri are the expected toyota supra and the new rx7. Maserati must seize the moment and produce the alfieri in quantity as soon as possible. I will buy it if I don’t get tired waiting. George rogers


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