Earlier in the year, the United States welcomed one of the most eye-catching Pagani Huayras ever built in the form of ‘The King 1 of 1 of 1’. Adorned with an array of elements to distinguish it from other Huayras, it is certainly one of the most valuable modern supercars on the streets of the U.S. Despite that, its owner recently decided it would be a good idea to have a photoshoot in the gravel shoreline of a New York lake. It didn’t exactly go to plan.

After the photoshoot, the rear-wheel drive 730hp+ Italian supercar unsurprisingly became stuck in the gravel. Despite the best attempts of onloookers to push it out, it remain trapped. Fortunately, a Honda CRV was nearby and ultimately towed out the multi-million dollar piece of automotive art.

Apparently the car escaped without any damage but we can’t imagine the owner wanting to do any similar photoshoots in the future!

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