The FIA has just confirmed that for the 2016 Formula One season, it will continue to allow in-season engine development.

As with the current seasons, Formula One engine suppliers will be provided with 32 tokens to develop their powertrains throughout next season. The FIA was initially planning on cutting back to 25 tokens per engine supplier but the continuation of the current system should allow the powertrains to become more powerful and reliable in 2016.

Additionally, engine manufacturers will be allowed to develop performance updates after February 28 which was the original deadline set for engine development, excluding reliability, cost-saving or safety reasons. The changes will also permit teams to compete with year-old engines if necessary.

Just before the announcement of the in-seasons engine development changes, Honda engine boss Yasuhisa Arai said “We would be glad to accept a change to the in-season development restrictions if they do change. We are always in open discussion with other manufacturers and if it does change we will be happy to take it.”

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