Video: T1 Nissan GT-R Hits 2276hp at the Wheels

    T1 Race Development has just released a video and claims that its potent GT-R has set a new dyno world record for the Japanese sports car.

    During a recent run, the heavily modified Nissan GT-R managed to pump out a truly extraordinary 2276 hp at a screaming 9332 rpm and 1335 lb-ft of torque at 7484 rpm. These simply mind-bending numbers are made all the more incredible by the fact that they were recorded at the wheels and not simply the crankshaft or flywheel.

    While the T1 Race Development GT-R may have set a new dyno record, it has still yet to claim the title of either the world’s quickest or fastest GT-R. The world’s quickest R35 GT-R across the quarter mile with a blistering run of 7.485 seconds. It utilises an extensively modified engine and drivetrain capable of sending it to 310 km/h in just 400 metres.

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