With 560 hp on tap as standard, the BMW X5 M is one of the fastest and most accelerative SUVs on the market. For X5 M owners looking for even more performance however, G-Power has just the answer in the form of its 700 hp upgrade for the car.

To achieve the extra horsepower as well as the jump to 905 Nm of torque, G-Power offers its Bi-Tronik 5 performance module or the Bi-Tronik 2 performance remapping tool for the performance SUV. The new performance module is a simple plug and play device while the remapping system allows the customer to tweak the throttle response and power delivery characteristics of the engine.

G-Power BMW X5 M

Alongside this change, G-Power also outfits the BMW X5 M with new stainless steel downpipes and 200-cell racing catalysts. Alongside the power increase, G-Power offers to remove the electronic top speed limiter of the car.

Elsewhere, the car has been installed by the latest Hurricane RR forged wheels from G-Power which just so happen to be the lightest and strongest wheels produced by the tuning firm.

“G-POWER X5 M F85:
23‘‘ HURRICANE RR forged wheels and a power output upgrade to 700 hp (514 kW)/ 905 Nm sharpen the profile of the BMW SUV with “M” genes

700 hp (514 kW)/ 905 Nm – 23” HURRICANE RR forged wheels

G-POWER X5 M F85: power output upgrade to 700 hp (514 kW)/ 905 Nm sharpens the profile of the BMW SUV with “M” genes

With the HURRICANE forged wheel generation – that has been redesigned from scratch in 2015 – G-POWER is making its vision of the perfect wheel come true. Technology boosts in the fields of material research, design and production have prepared the ground for G-POWER to replace the SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheel that has been successful for years.

The result is a wheel generation of superlatives. The present G-POWER forged wheels are nothing less than the lightest, strongest and most individual Aluminum wheels in the history of G-POWER. Made from ultra-light aircraft-grade aluminium, these wheels are available in three different colours (Jet Black, Gun Metal Grey and Stardust Silver) and can be combined with a polished surface – the G-POWER DIAMOND CUT – and be topped off with an individual signature of up to 15 characters. A polished version of the HURRICANE RR is completing the line-up.

Available from 20“ to 23“, the HURRICANE RR forged wheels are not just looking awesome on the new BMW Sport SUV, the X5 M, but at the same time are reducing the unsprung mass due to their low weight. Tyres with lower flanks in the dimensions 315/25 R23 improve the steering precision significantly. This translates into an improved handling and provides for more thrills on winding country roads.

No wonder that the wish for more power might come up sooner or later. Fortunately, G-POWER can help there, as well. Up to 700 hp (514 kW)/ 905 Nm are possible. This power output enhancement is achieved either by the G-POWER Bi-Tronik 5 performance module or the Bi-Tronik 2 bespoke remapping of the factory ECU. Both alternatives have their individual advantages. The Bi-Tronik 5 – based on a microprocessor-controlled module – comes with all the benefits of a plug and play device and the Bi-Tronik 2 bespoke remapping allows the individual wishes of the customer vis-à-vis throttle response and power delivery characteristics to be written into the software.

In order to achieve a power output upgrade to 700 hp (514 kW) 905 Nm, the modification of the ECU’s software is not enough and additional modifications to the hardware are required. Primarily it is necessary to reduce the performance debilitating backpressure of the standard exhaust system. Therefore G-POWER installs in a further step flow optimized downpipes made from stainless steel that are equipped with 200-cell racing-catalysts.

Of course, after the G-POWER modification all standard protection and diagnostic functions of the original BMW ECU stay untouched. During the engineering process of the latest generation of the successful Bi-Tronik, the G-POWER R&D department has transferred its experience from the area of supercharging to the turbocharged BMW engines. After all, the ASA supercharger used for the G-POWER supercharger systems is closely related to the turbochargers featured by BMW, since both units us a centrifugal compressor to build up boost.

Next to the power output increase, G-POWER is offering the option to delete the serial top speed restriction, as well. In order to do so, the limit for the top speed is raised to a theoretical value that cannot be achieved in practice, thus the G-POWER X5 M F85 is able to achieve a top speed that is in accordance to its power output of 700 hp (514 kW).”

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