Video: 1800 hp Ford GT Gets Loud in Calgary!

Winter is coming in Canada, which means car season is dying down. The weekly Euro Cars & Coffee event in Calgary is getting smaller by the week, but occasionally something cool shows up. A pair or Porsche Carrera GTs came a few weeks back and this monster of a Ford GT turned up at a recent event.

The claim to this car is that is can run 400 km/h and produces up to 1800 hp without nitrous-oxide. Yes, the car is built to handle nitrous-oxide.

The car is owned by a local collector who has a ton of other interesting rides ranging from a Ferrari 599 GTB to rat rods and more. But this was by far the coolest one he has brought out to a car meet.

When the owner fired up the car, the crowd of over 50 spectators immediately backed off. The sound coming from the straight-piped exhaust was just incredible. The video does not do it justice. But the best part was when the driver let the tires spin a little before making a quick exit.!

The same night, things got a bit rowdy with a Porsche 993 Turbo drifting around the parking lot and this tuned BMW M5 revving it up and letting the tires loose.


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  1. It would be quite interesting if you could go into some detail how the GT in question is able to achieve the 1800 h.p. You are touting in the article.

  2. it’s not street legal to have a car built to handle nitrous oxide so i call B.S., unless that “quick exit” was into a trailer for storage


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