Despite rumours to the contrary, McLaren chief Ron Dennis has confirmed that Jenson Button will remain with the British Formula One team for the 2016 season. This comes despite the fact that Button and his teammate, Fernando Alonso, vented their frustrations about McLaren’s performance at the Japanese Grand Prix.

While speaking with Sky Sports F1 at the conclusion of the grand prix, Dennis said “What is simpler than they’ve all got contracts, everyone has to live by their contracts, why don’t you just leave it at that? Jenson has a two-year contract, Fernando has a three-year contract. They vent their frustration, and we’re all disappointed and that leads to demotivation, but at the end of the day they have agreements in place.

We want both of them in the team, and it’s as simple as that. Emotions run high after a grand prix, but we will have a winning team sooner or later. We haven’t forgotten how to win,” Dennis said.

Dennis expanded on this by saying that the company did have the option to end Button’s contract but decided against it.

“I told him earlier in the week that wasn’t going to happen, and I think he was pleased, maybe I should have told him a bit sooner….the contract is intact and unchanged. I’ve spoken to Jenson about it and he’s happy. Money doesn’t come into it.”

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