Slovenian Exhaust specialist Akrapovič is working on new ultra-light exhausts. Following the unveiling of their first ultra-light creation for a Mercedes-AMG vehicle at the IAA 2015, Akrapovič announced that more ultra-light exhaust systems are in development.

The upcoming ultra-light exhaust systems follow the same philosophy as the brand new Evolution Line (Titanium) system for the Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe and Akrapovič aims to deliver the lightest ECE type approved exhaust systems for these type of cars. To do this Akrapovič uses special alloys of titanium that are 45% lighter than steel. Akrapovič has its own titanium foundry and extensive know-how how to use this delicate material.

The recently unveiled Akrapovič exhaust system Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupé was 16.3 kilograms lighter than the stock system. But weight is only one part of the development. Of course sound is the most important reason for customers to consider installing an Akrapovič system. And also in that aspect there is a reason to look forward to the new Akrapovič ultra-light systems for AMG cars and other brands.

Akrapovič developed a so called Active Xconnection which contains a valve flap that can be controlled by the driver. With the flap opened the exhaust gasses from both sides of the V8 mix providing a fuller, more resonant sound. With the flap closed you get a true and loud V8 sound. The flap can be opened or closed at the tip of a button.

New is also the combination of the Active X-connection with valves behind the mufflers. The latter control the volume of the exhaust and are controlled by the car’s ECU. So in theory it is possible to change both the type of sound as well as the volume.


The only visible part of the new Akrapovič for AMG exhausts are tailpipes finished in titanium surrounded by carbon fibre to give the exhausts a distinct and recognizable look. In case of the S 63 AMG Coupé the exhausts are formed in a trapezoid shape in line with the cars original exhaust tips.

Stay tuned for more information about Akrapovič Ultra-Light systems for other vehicles!

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