According to reports from Car Magazine, BMW is in the midst of developing a brand new mid-engined V8 supercar. Interestingly, it is said that BMW is in talks with McLaren to help put the new vehicle into production after it is unveiled at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in two years time.

It is reported that with Frank van Meel now at the helm of the BMW M division, the idea of a range-topping BMW supercar is now a key focus of the company.

Car Magazine claims that the new BMW in model will be underpinned by the same carbon fibre monocoque as the next-generation McLaren 650S. In terms of power, BMW has apparently opted for its very own 4.0-litre V8 engine boosted by four turbochargers two of which will be exhaust-driven while two others will be electric turbos. All told, it should pump out 750 hp at a bare minimum.

It won’t only be the carbon fibre monocoque which will be shared between the BMW supercar and next-gen 650S. As a matter of fact, suspension, brakes and steering components are expected to be shared.

McLaren and BMW have of course collaborated in the past when BMW supplied its own 6.1-litre V12 engine to the iconic McLaren F1.

VIACar Magazine
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