A Maserati Quattrorporte has been snapped abandoned in a river in the south is Israel.

The Maserati Quattroporte seen in the gallery below is heavily damaged but other details regarding the owner and how exactly the Maserati ended up in such a situation remain cloudy. It will be interesting to see what happens with the car now assuming the owner has disowned it.

In an unusual change of weather, Israel was hit with a horrendous storm earlier this week, flooding several regions of the country and this could have played a role in the Maserati ending up like this.

Israel isn’t new to witnessing abandoned cars. GTspirit recently covered a deserted Ford GT that had been confiscated by the authorities because the owner didn’t pay the entire tax on the supercar. Some parts¬†on the GT were missing, having been auctioned off.

Maserati entered the Israel market in 2012, along its sister brand Ferrari. The two share the same dealership that also incorporates a “Ferrari Museum”. Even though it’s embroiled in troubles with Palestine,¬†Israel is one of the richest countries in Middle East and a possible emerging market for car companies. In 2013, it was said to have the tenth highest percentage of millionaires in the world and the country has one of the best standard of livings in ME.

VIAIsrael Car Hunters
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  1. that’s a mystery. but israel is not an asian country, a middle-eastern arab block country. if it were an asian country, israel wont even come close to being rich. Asia has many super large economies and some of the richest countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, HK, Taiwan. And the emerging nations like Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand have much much larger economies than Israel at the moment. I come from the UK and have been working in Asia for thirty years. Good article.


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