In our photographer showcase today, we feature Alex Bellus, a local photographer based out of Minneapolis, United States.

He realized his passion in photography in 2003 during a trip to Germany and Bellus hasn’t looked back since then, with his work having been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Artful Living magazine. Bellus’ portfolio includes works on architecture, products, weddings and supercars. GTspirit has handpicked some of his best car shots, which can be seen in the gallery below.

Many Porsches make the list. There are several shots of the 918 Spyder along with two striking 911 GT3 RS models- one in white and the other in ultraviolet. There’s a McLaren P1 and a 650S Spider as well. You also see a burning Audi R8, a crashed Ferrari, an E55 AMG doing a burnout and a Bentley Continental GT3 race car- the latter being one of our favorite images.

For more of Bellus’ work, visit his website.

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