An absolutely amazing estate is currently up for sale in Great Nech, New York for an eye-watering $100 million.

The property is so exclusive that the company selling it hasn’t provided a specific address for the house and is remaining quite tight-lipped about its details. From what we’ve read, it features 13 bedrooms as well as an insane 35 bathrooms and is spread across three large residences.

The house itself features a complete smart home system and comes complete with multiple health complexes, game rooms, a bowling alley and even a private casino. It also features a massive swimming pool overlooking the ocean as well as a large private dock. Three absolutely massive water fountains are found in the middle of the massive front yard and driveways.

Elsewhere, the house includes a tennis house, perfectly manicured lawns, at least one massive kitchen with a large island bench and provides sensational views of the New York City skyline.


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