Aston Martin has confirmed that the design of the DB10 sports car developed exclusively for the latest James Bond film Spectre, will inspire the next-generation Aston Martin Vantage.

Consequently, the new Aston Martin Vantage will share more similarities with the DB10 than the company’s latest new sports car, the DB11, will. With that being said, the company’s chief executive Andy Palmer said that styling cues from the DB10 will be visible throughout the British automaker’s next-generation range of vehicles.

“You’ll see the DNA for sure. It’s not the same—the DB10 was done exclusively for Bond. But you will see that ‘predator’ type look going forwards. The best way I can express it is that my mother will be able to tell the difference.”

Details about the next-generation Vantage remain non-existent but there’s a very good chance it will feature a turbocharged engine. After all, the new DB11 is tipped to receive a turbo’d V12.

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