A brand new prototype of the eagerly awaited hardcore Pagani Huayra has just been spied undergoing testing near the company’s factory in Italy. The emergence of this test mule comes after the Italian company has previously released teaser images of the car.

Certainly the most interesting elements of this hardcore Huayra are the range of new aerodynamic aids it has been installed with. For starters, the carbon fibre front splitter has been extended to help stick the front wheels to the ground. Meanwhile at the rear can be found a prominent carbon wing as well as an exceptionally bold diffuser. The car has then been adorned with the QR-code camouflage seen on other testers.

Previously discussing the car earlier in the year, the firm’s founder Horacio Pagani revealed that the car will act as a gift to the marque’s fans. When quizzed for more information, Horacio said “You guessed right. It’s going to be a hardcore version of the Huayra coupe.”

The only other pieces of information Horacio revealed were that this hardcore Huayra will be limited to a mere 20 examples, be offered exclusively to existing Huayra customers and won’t take the form of a track-oriented Huayra R inspired by the Zonda R.

If hardcore Paganis from the past have taught us anything, it is that they typically receive more power. Consequently, it is likely that the Huayra in question will see power from its twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 rise from 730 hp to over the 750 hp mark.

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