A few days ago, shocking footage emerged of a yellow Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 911 GT3 speeding through the streets of Beverly Hills. In new developments, it has emerged that the owner of the two vehicles claims he has diplomatic immunity and consequently cannot be charged for the crimes.

It is reported that the two cars in question are from Qatar and could be owned by the Qatari Royal Family. Local police have managed to positively identify the driver of the 911 GT3 but don’t yet know the identity of the LaFerrari driver as police arrived on the scene after the driving violations were committed.

After the incident, Jacob Rogers who filmed some of the now viral footage claims to have been confronted by the LaFerrari driver who said “I could have you killed and get away with it”.

Yellow LaFerrari Beverly Hills

Police Lt. Lincoln Hoshino has revealed that an investigation is currently being undertaken by the State Department. He added to this by saying “Honestly, we don’t even know who was driving the Ferrari. All this driving occurred outside the presence of the police.”

Axion 23 managed to capture these images as the events took place. Video footage showed the LaFerrari scrapping its splitter on the roads while blasting through a stop sign with the 911 GT3 following closely behind. The LaFerrari also performed a burnout up the street and eventually pulled into the large house at 700 North Walden Drive with smoke pouring from its engine.

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