Aston Martin has just confirmed that its latest sports car, set to replace the DB9, will be dubbed the Aston Martin DB11. In a similar vein to the Aston Martin DB9 which replaces the DB7, the British marque has opted to skip the DB10 moniker and head straight for DB11. The car will debut next year.

Discussing the upcoming car and its new name, Aston Martin choef executive Andy Palmer said “Today I am proud and pleased to confirm that the DB11 nameplate will sit on our next new car. Not only is it a sign of our intention to continue the long line of iconic sports cars that bear the ‘DB’ moniker – the very bloodline of our brand – but it also shows the world our ambitious plan in action.

“The coming years will see Aston Martin transform not only its entire range of models but also its scale and global presence, and the new DB11 will be central to that success,” Palmer confirmed.

Aston Martin DB11 spy shots

Powertrain wise, reports suggest that the Aston Martin DB11 will be offered with a revised variant of the V12 already offered for the DB9. The key point of difference between the new engine and the current unit is that it will be fitted with a turbocharger while the displacement will also be reduced. Despite the engine’s smaller size, the use of forced induction will ensure it provides more than 517 hp and 458 lb-ft of torque like the existing model.

Beyond providing additional power, the turbocharger will help improve the DB9’s fuel efficiency with a relatively significant improvement over the current model’s 18.9 mpg return figure. Alongside the V12, Car Magazine reports that the new Aston Martin DB11 will also be made available with a V8. This will be similar to the Bentley Continental GT which can be optioned with a W12 or a V8.

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