Kicking off on September 23, the Monaco Yacht Show 2015 is promising to be one of the best in recent years with over 500 exhibitors and 121 superyachts set to flock to the small country on the French Riviera. Amongst the most sensational yachts coming to Monaco will be this, the Glider SS18.

Baring resemblances to a Praying Mantis and an alien spaceship, the Glider SS18 is a vessel unlike any other we’ve seen before. It is being built by a new British yacht manufacturer dubbed Glider Yachts Limited and will celebrate its world debut at Monaco following eight years of planning, design and development.

Powering the Glider SS18 will be four 270 hp supercharged engines and thanks to its special multi-hull design and extremely efficient design, it will be capable of travelling from Monaco to Saint Tropez in a mere 45 minutes thanks to a top speed of 56 knots.

The SS18 even features an advanced stability control system which promises to provide a smooth ride even in choppy seas and heavy winds. The yacht will also include a large cabin and be installed with a JL Audio audio system.


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