This Audi R8 is pure evil! When it showed up at ZR Auto a week ago it looked nothing like this. What was once a sad looking baby blue R8 with no hope of ever getting noticed is now one sinister attention-getter!

In addition to the flawless matte black wrap with matte red side blades, this Audi has been fitted with Meisterschaft exhaust by GTHaus and a set of sexy TSW wheels.

A lowering module gives this R8 a really great stance, and the tinted headlights and taillights give it a truly ominous look. The car was also debadged. The engine plenum and brake calipers were painted red to give it some much needed flare.

Electronically, the car received an Escort radar detector and some brand new AL Priority laser jammers on the front and rear. From every angle, this V8 R8 looks way too cool. It’s sleek, it’s sexy and a real head-turner.

The entire car was wrapped, inside the door jams, under the hood, into the engine bay, etc. Unless you read this article, you would have never known this beast was once a light blue colour and otherwise completely average.

PHOTOGRAPHY BYMatthew Hayhurst
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