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Chrome Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Snapped In Mexico City

A full chrome wrapped car may be a normal sight for some other parts of the world, whether it is the GCC countries, Japan or perhaps a special finish for GoldRush Rally team; but seeing one of these wraps is still a rare thing in México, let alone being on a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

Fortunately for us, from time to time there are supercar owners willing to do whatever it takes to stand out and this is no exception. Wrapped from head to toe in a mirror finish, this car is among the few head turners that go beyond your normal supercar in México City.

Snapped by supercarsmexico, this is one of the very few times a chrome wrapped car has been captured in the country. Unlike some may think, colourful México isn’t so much attracted to super colorful supercars, although there are some pretty cool exceptions.

Even while refueling, this beast of a supercar looks menacing! If you owned it, would you go for the chrome look or would you rather have another finish? Tell us what your thoughts are below in the comments section!



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