A number of automakers are in the midst of testing high-strength and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass for their vehicles.

The glass, produced by Corning Inc and used on billions of smartphones and tablets, is not only significantly stronger than traditional glass but is also lighter. It is for that reason why the BMW i8 uses a Gorilla Glass panel behind the engine and it could be just the first of a number of cars to utilise Gorilla Glass.

While speaking with Automotive News, the senior technical leader for global materials and manufacturing research at Ford, Matt Zaluzec, confirmed that the company is investigating the use of Gorilla Glass for windscreens, rear windows and side windows.

The business director of Corning’s automotive glass solutions Doug Harshbarger expanded on this by saying that several other car manufacturers are in talks with the company about using Gorilla Glass. He says the company’s automotive glass could cost $2-$4 for every pound of weight it can save.

“We’ve demonstrated it for every opening within a car. We see quite a lot of prominence for it as a windshield,” said Harshbarger. “Everyone is lightweighting their vehicles. The only way to do that with glass is to make it thinner. If it’s going to be thinner, it better be stronger.”

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