Unlike many of the world’s tuners, parts developed and produced by RevoZport don’t just look good, they also serve an aerodynamic purpose. This isn’t more evident than with the company’s JCR Nissan GT-R aerodynamic package which adds immense amounts of downforce to the Japanese sports car.

The JCR GT-R package consists of a new front splitter, front bumper canards, side skirts, a lightweight carbon fibre bonnet, a trunk spoiler, a larger GT spoiler/rear wing as well as a custom rear diffuser.

The splitter included in the package not only adds downforce and a new sense of aggression to the car but also helps cool the front brakes. Meanwhile, the front canards, the two rear spoilers and the rear diffuser help deliver extra downforce without adding too much drag. As for the side skirts, they have been designed to lead low pressure air underneath the car while keeping high pressure air on both sides of the vehicle therefore also adding downforce.

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