Land Rover has just released images, videos and details about the ‘transparent trailer’ concept it is currently developing. As with other technologies being developed by the company, it aims to improve the safety of drivers by improving visibility.

More specifically, the technology makes a trailer being towed virtually invisible allowing drivers to see what is directly behind them. It works through a number of cameras installed at the back of a trailer. The images provided by those cameras are joined with what the backup camera and wing mirror cameras of the Land Rover can see. All of that data is combined into the electronic TFT-LCD rear vision mirror.

The system has been developed with equestrians in mind. As such, the trailer developed by Land Rover is able to monitor the comfort of a horse while it’s in the trailer. It will also provide alerts if the weight of the trailer becomes unbalanced thanks to a number of floor-mounted sensors while also checking the temperature of the trailer.

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