BMW E46 M3 Fitted With Vorsteiner Wheels

Vorsteiner BMW M3

We’ve seen Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged wheels fitted to a range of current performance cars in recent months but here we have something a little bit different; an E46-generation BMW M3 fitted with the Vorsteiner V-FF 103 wheels.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest ever M-badged cars, the E46 M3 features an exceptionally powered naturally-aspirated six-cylinder engine revving to a blistering 8000 rpm. When fitted with the rare six-speed manual transmission, it really is one of the great driver’s cars.

Alongside the driving thrills the E46 M3 provides, it is also undeniably beautiful with a simple yet aggressive two-door design more than worthy of the M3 badge. When installed with a set of V-FF 103 wheels with a Carbon Graphite finish, the German sports car becomes even more impressive.



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