Ever dreamt about owning your very own private jet pack? Well after 34 years of development, the ‘Martin Jetpack’ is due to launch at the end of the year and has been priced at a casual $150,000.

The jetpack comes from the New Zealand-based company founder by Glen Martin. After decades and testing, a reliable design has been finalised with the Martin Jetpack set to become the first of its kind.

The Martin Jetpack is powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine delivering an impressive 200 hp which powers two large fans for up to 30 minutes. The jetpack can travel at speeds of up to 74 km/h and go up to 1000 m in altitude.

Apparently, it will be quite easy to obtain the piloting qualifications needed to own and operate a Martin Jetpack. Beyond private use, Glen Martin hopes that the jetpack could ultimately be used by government agencies and emergency services.

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