A matte red Ferrari 458 Spider has been destroyed in a devastating South African crash in a private residential complex.

According to reports, the Italian supercar was only recently imported into South Africa at the time of the crash. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the damage sustained to the 458 Spider indicates that the driver was speeding considering speed limits around the area of the crash are limited to just 30 km/h.

South African authorities are investigating the crash but it seems apparent that the driver somehow lost control of the car and crashed it into a large concrete wall. It then came to rest against a small tree.

The initial impact with the wall seems to have caused the most damage with the passenger side front wheel, brake caliper and brake disc being ripped from the hub. The front bumper has also been wrecked as has the bonnet.

Fortunately for the owner, no damage seems to have been done to the rear end of the expensive Italian supercar. It will therefore be repairable but it certainly won’t be a cheap job!

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